About us

Welcome to Numerical, the Italian company for turbomachinery software and services.

Numerical was born in 2017, after many years of experience in the design, simulation and optimization of turbomachinery for companies operating in the aerospace, energy, oil & gas sectors.

It is a team of highly qualified engineers and turbomachinery enthusiasts who work constantly to offer advanced technological solutions, to improve the performance, efficiency and safety of the machines, their contribution has been fundamental for us to reduce operating costs and ad increase the competitiveness of our products.

We offers a wide range of services for turbomachinery, including aerodynamic component design and simulation, thermal modeling, structural dynamics, vibration analysis, diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

Official resellers of Cadence and Concepts NREC software for Italy, Greece and Switzerland since 2007, it supports the most important industrial groups in their daily challenges.

At Numerical, we strongly believe in partnering with our customers, working closely with them to understand their specific needs and deliver tailored solutions that solve their problems and meet their expectations.

Our mission is to help companies improve the performance and reliability of their products by leveraging the best simulation technologies and methodologies. We pride ourselves on being a long-standing and reliable partner to our customers, who continue to choose us for the quality of our services and our ability to adapt to their ever-changing needs.

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