Root cause analysis

Root Cause Analysis for Turbomachinery: Identifying the Root Causes of Problems

Turbomachinery are critical components in many industrial processes, and their proper functioning is essential to ensure the efficiency and safety of the production process. However, when problems occur with turbomachinery, it is often difficult to identify the root causes that generate them.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a problem analysis methodology that allows the identification of the root causes that generate malfunctions, failures, or reduced performance in turbomachinery. RCA is used to identify the causes of undesired events, incidents, quality issues, and to improve risk management.

At our company, we offer specific Root Cause Analysis services for turbomachinery, to help companies identify the root causes of problems and adopt corrective measures to prevent them. Thanks to our experience in design, development, testing, and maintenance, we are able to successfully apply our RCA methodology to any type of turbomachinery.

Our RCA process includes a series of specific activities, including:

  • Collection of data on the machine’s operating conditions;
  • Analysis of monitoring and diagnostic data;
  • Identification of root causes;
  • Evaluation of intervention options;
  • Definition of corrective actions.

In addition, we also offer training and support services to help companies implement the proposed solutions and improve risk management.

Our RCA methodology uses advanced tools and techniques, including vibration analysis, acoustic spectrum analysis, thermographic analysis, performance deviation analysis from design, and analysis of mounting or assembly errors. Thanks to the use of these techniques, we are able to identify the root causes of problems and propose effective solutions to prevent their recurrence.