Thermal Analysis

Advanced Thermal Analysis: Reliable Simulation and Performance Optimization

Advanced thermal analysis is a technology that allows for the accurate and reliable simulation of the thermal behavior of a system, using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Method (FEM) techniques. At our company, we offer advanced thermal analysis solutions for a wide range of applications, from the design of cooling and heat exchange systems to power cables.

Thanks to advanced thermal analysis, it is possible to obtain detailed information on the distribution of temperature and thermal properties of a system, allowing for design optimization and performance improvement.

Activities of our advanced thermal analysis process:

  • Analysis of project specifications and client needs
  • Creation of thermal model, using CAD modeling and meshing software
  • Numerical simulation of thermal behavior, using advanced CFD and FEM technologies
  • Analysis of simulation results, using advanced analysis tools such as post-processing techniques and visualization
  • System performance optimization, using data collected during the advanced thermal analysis phase to improve system design and performance.

At our company, we provide our expertise and competence to offer customized solutions for your advanced thermal analysis needs, using the most advanced technologies in the industry. Contact us for more information on our advanced thermal analysis services and find out how we can help you improve the performance and efficiency of your systems.

Thermal Analysis Services

  1. Thermo-structural analysis of a system of bodies
  2. Simulation of thermal cycles of heating and cooling
  3. Development and optimization of cooling systems
  4. Improving the efficiency of thermal recovery units
  5. Calculation of heat dissipation and efficiency
  6. Design of HVAC systems for air conditioning
  7. Design of air-air and air-water heat exchangers
  8. Thermal checks in compliance with regulations on systems and components