R&D activities

Research and Development (R&D) are fundamental components of our work here at Numerical.

Our R&D activity covers a wide range of disciplines, including FEM-CFD analysis, thermal, combustion, and multidisciplinary optimization.

Our expertise in FEM-CFD analysis allows us to provide advanced numerical simulation solutions for the design and optimization of complex components and systems. Thanks to the use of cutting-edge simulation software, we are able to accurately and reliably analyze the behavior of fluids, solids, and thermal systems.

Our research activity in the thermal and combustion field allows us to develop innovative solutions for emissions control and performance optimization of internal combustion engines, cooling and heating systems.

Multidisciplinary optimization is another area of expertise of our R&D team. We use advanced optimization techniques to simultaneously improve multiple aspects of a system or product, such as cost reduction, performance increase, and emissions reduction.

In addition, we are constantly committed to researching and developing new tools and software to further improve our work. Our tool development team is able to design and develop custom software for the specific needs of our clients, offering innovative and tailor-made solutions for their needs.

In summary, our R&D activity is a fundamental pillar of our work here at Numerical. Thanks to our wide range of skills, we are able to offer innovative and customized solutions to our clients, helping them improve the performance of their products and stay at the forefront of their industry.”